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TSGMatchday - Co-coaches fight, but remain luckless

Monday saw the match of the year, El Clasico, top match, primetime, 20:30, floodlights, alpine panorama, win or lose, CHEFTRAINER VS. CO-TRAINER.

Wow. What a match! Even beforehand, the tension of both teams could be felt, the first taunts and provocations from both directions were not long in coming. From the first minute, both teams gave each other nothing, it was clear that a real fight would develop. Every centimeter was fought for, because one thing was clear, glory and honor were at stake.

The Co's got off to a slightly better start on the freshly watered artificial turf, but head coach Oliver Kreiling kept his box clean. After that, the boss's let their class play up, Lars Olé Hofmann put through worth seeing on the right flank, and brought a tight cross to the second post, there stood Niklas Kaerscher ready to shoot, but already as at the EM, came to him E.Igentor before. 1:0 for the head coaches! The pressure was maintained after the goal and barely 2 minutes later after an outstanding individual action by Kärscher increased to 2:0. Similar to the 1:0, Hofmann was through on the flank and brought a cross to the second post, which initially brought nothing, Kärscher processed the ball, put it with his back to goal over central defender Ersinho Dere and crossed pinpoint to the incoming Tommislav Stawitzki, who pushed the ball over the line with his head. The head coaches gained more and more self-confidence through safe possession play and the defensive line around Jakob "The Mountain" Berg, Flavius Vögel and veteran Alexander "The Egg" Zornig, also knew how to convince. The co-trainers repeatedly set pinpricks via the strong playing Stefan "Gattusso" Huber, who distributed the balls dangerously to the physically strong Mourad "Mammut" Eddahmani and the white Brazilian Eduardo Riehl. Winger Jonas Bär-Bettin delivered a sharp cross into the box that slipped through the fingers of goalkeeper Oli Kreiling. The eye-catching and always dangerous Riehl used this mistake ice-cold to score the 2:1 equalizer. Now the co-trainers sensed their chance. But the head coaches still had a surprise up their sleeve: star player and record transfer Harald "Heiko" Schmidt, came off the bench and put his stamp on the game. Again and again, he posed problems for the head of defense of the co-trainers Lukkkas Zech, ran at him at the highest speed and let one or the other time with quick changes of direction in the dribble his talent flash. Not for nothing is he considered a legitimate successor to CR7 and Messi.
The game remained open and there were chances on both sides, first the mammoth failed to Kreiling, then Zech cleared a lob from Kärscher just before the line.
In the next action, the head coaches showed their coolness, Olé Hofmann left 3 opponents standing with an outstanding dribbling and was brought down just 18 meters from the goal. Berg and Kärscher lined up for the free kick that was due.

(Live commentary)
One question now arises: Does Berg do it with force or Kärscher with inimitable precision?
The tension rises, the wall is set and Manuel Gräfe releases the free kick. Kärscher runs on, fakes and runs over the ball, Zech moves out of the wall to the now free-standing Kärscher, the long corner now wide open, Berg takes off, hits the ball, circles it around the wall into the far corner, but with feeling, Toooooooooor, goal, Toooooor, 3:1 for the head coaches, pure goose bumps! Since they have reached deep into the bag of tricks, unpacked trick 17 and were rewarded for it! It's crazy what's going on here, the fans in the stands are going completely crazy, the cheering can hardly be stopped. Berg and Kärscher are in each other's arms, goalkeeper Basti Faulheit can hardly believe it and holds his hands in front of his face. You can make the boy, but no reproach, a Wahnsinns free kick, simply abgezockt this head coach.....

Half time.

The break was used by both teams to concentrate their forces. On the one hand, the assistant coaches pushed each other to the top of their game, while legendary coach Holger Trimm gave one of his famous tactics speeches and prepared the head coaches for an intense second half.

It was obvious to both teams that they had lost a lot of steam and both played a little more cautiously for the time being. After 10 minutes, however, the pace of the game increased again, after several unsuccessful long-range shots by the co-trainers, Gattusso Huber used his iron foot and scored the deserved 3:2 tie. After that, the head coaches used their fast players, such as Tobi Schrott who chased the field, nimble as a weasel, up and down and midfield engine Stawitzki initiated dangerous counterattacks again and again. These remained largely unused and were often carelessly awarded. Over time, the game became more physical, the fight for the trophy harder and harder, some fouls were drawn again and again due to the lack of fitness. The Co's played themselves into a frenzy, the so-called power play, but Oli Kreiling kept his box clean. Numerous corners were sovereign defended by the bosses and the game was nearing its end. 5 minutes before the final whistle, star player Schmidt could have made everything clear but failed at the post. The co-trainers now set completely on the offensive, sent their "tower" Zech forward. This had still another last large chance.

(Live commentary)

Basmaci on the ball, he plays out to Riehl, who lets clap in the middle on the strong Huber, double pass, Riehl shoots, Kreiling has problems and lets the ball clap forward, ohhh that smells of offside, Zech gets the ball, shoots, the chance to equalize, Kreiling holds! Puhh, such a chance you can not let in such an important game of course. That would have been the chance for the penalty shootout! Manuel Gräfe already has the whistle in his mouth, it's almost time for the head coaches to win the game. Final whistle, the game is over! The game is over! El Clasico is over! The head coaches prevail over the assistant coaches 3:2! The fans storm the pitch, now it's time to celebrate! That's it ladies and gentlemen, enjoy these pictures! Only in soccer you can experience these emotions. Suffering and pure ecstasy so close to each other!.....

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What a match! You can say that the head coaches deserved to win, they were simply more cocky in the important moments. But also a big praise to the co-trainers, who really invested everything in this game! We are already looking forward to a new edition of this phenomenal event!

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