TSG Wieseck - Youth Academy

Unfortunate defeat for U16

In a fast-paced and entertaining game, the U16s were defeated by the 2006 vintage of Rot-Weiß Frankfurt with 2:4 on Wednesday evening. Against the expected strong and physically robust opponent, the TSG players pressed high and aggressively at the beginning and consequently took the lead through Julian Spies (7th). Subsequently, Nebi Türkyilmaz and Noah Steinau missed good opportunities to extend the lead. After 25 minutes, however, the tide turned and the guests from Frankfurt impressed with their early and aggressive forechecking. Consequently, they also scored the equalizer (28th). Although the boys had visibly set their sights high at the break and tried to be more calm in their own possession, Red-White quickly took a 3:1 lead after a double strike (51st and 54th). The TSG was able to continue to play out high-caliber opportunities: first Tom Frank failed free in front of the guest keeper, then Ali Kemal Altay could reduce after previously missed great opportunity to 2:3 (65.). From then on, the TSG players fully dominated the game again and threw everything forward once more in the contested final phase. After keeper Phil Wohlfeil was involved in a standard, a guest player scored in injury time in the orphaned TSG goal. "In terms of passion and will to win, you can not blame the guys today at all, only cold-bloodedness and cleverness have lacked us today against a strong opponent in an insanely intense game to achieve a better result," is the statement of TSG coach Jan Leimbach. Before the well-deserved summer break, a test against Heuchelheim/Kinzenbach awaits the boys this Friday.

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